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Infomatix is a full-service consultancy, working with growing small to medium sized teams and we believe the three core pillars of any successful business are people, process, and technology, in that order.

We will work with you using The InviStructure Formula™, our six step unique process to identify and implement innovative new breakthrough strategies to analyse your core pillars and build them up in relation to one another.

Your Future Panorama™ determines the team you want to become.

Your Infrastructure Snapshot™ demonstrates your current people, process, and technology capabilities.

Your InviStructure Architecture™ is your prioritized plan including timelines and budgets to leverage your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

The InviStrategy Gameplan™ is how we move from planning into project execution.

The InviCoach Expander™ is a series of training sessions to improve your team and their people, process and technology capabilities.

The InviGuard Protector™ is our remote support capability to help fix any technological issues that arise.

Some of our common services include team tools such as Kolbe profiles to make sure everyone is using their strengths, strategic planning, process development, branding, sales development, client experience, social media, email newsletters, custom training programs, backoffice billing, CRM and accounting, networking, smartphones and tablets, email, and content management systems.

We also don’t pick sides – we support both Macs and PCs to give you the best solution for your situation.

The InviStructure Formula process helps us build relationships with our clients that span years. They grow from seeing Infomatix as their business and technology consultant into becoming a trusted advisor for any projects, major purchases, and new directions their company is headed in. It’s not uncommon for us to start off with a client on a small project such as building a network and end up helping them through the process of due diligence through purchase and integration of acquisition targets.

We look forward to working with you and your team to become more profitable and productive.


Steve French