The Strategic Coach says it can help us work less and make more money by doing what we love. And they deliver! Infomatix has been a student of The Strategic Coach program for seven years and has discovered many wonderful tools to build great teams and keep a positive attitude about work.

Kolbe determines your MO, or the way you will get things done. It also indicates how much information someone needs to make a decision, how likely they are to follow through on that decision, how risk averse or attracted they are, and how tangible they need things to be. You can use Kolbe to hire the perfect candidate or make your current team more successful.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a great resource for determining the existing strengths of your team and which players will complement each other. With the use of a short questionnaire, you will get each person’s top five strengths and an explanation of what they mean.

Reach Capabilities uses Kolbe and web based interactive coaching to help companies discover and achieve bigger goals, identify strengths and harness them to generate explosive results, increase knowledge and productivity, boost job satisfaction, and foster harmonious and efficient teamwork across your organization.

Instinctive Solutions helps to strengthen your people. Understanding an individual’s instinctive and natural strengths, when combined with intelligence and personality, dramatically increases the probability for team and organizational success.