The InviStructure Formula

The InviStructure Formula has six steps:

  1. Your Future Panorama
  2. Your Infrastructure Snapshot
  3. Your InviStructure Architecture
  4. The InviStrategy Gameplan
  5. The InviCoach Expander
  6. The InviGuard Protector

Your Future Panorama

Your Future Panorama is a discovery conversation within our initial “Simplify Your Business” discussion that identifies your goals. It enables us to get you where you want to be better, faster, and sooner.

Your Infrastructure Snapshot

Your Infrastructure Snapshot is the due diligence phase to determine your people, process, and technology capabilities.

It is when we discuss the Kolbe profiles of your key team members and what they mean in relation to one another. We believe in constructing a Unique Ability Team where your staff uses their specific strengths as opposed to trying to fit into a role they are not as suited for.

We will inventory your equipment and see how you are using it to see how we can maximize technological productivity and if there are any recommendations we have to help you operate your business more efficiently.

Finally, we will assess your processes and advise changes or new systems where we think it’s necessary.

Your InviStructure Architecture

Your InviStructure Architecture is developed based on the information we collected in Your Infrastructure Snapshot. It is the master implementation plan complete with recommendations, budget figures, and estimated timelines which will reviewed and prioritized with you.

The InviStrategy Gameplan

The InviStrategy Gameplan is the detailed implementation stage where we begin the projects outlined in the previous stage. Our role can range from full partner to project manager or even matchmaker.

The InviCoach Expander

The InviCoach Expander is a series of over 60 training sessions to strengthen your team and reinforce the new projects. They can cover topics on time and expectation management, process mapping, and technology enablement. The information gained will help you become more efficient, provide training on new products and processes we develop for you, and answer any questions you have about certain topical issues.

The 10-Second Finder and The 10-Second Filer

The 10-Second Finder and The 10-Second Filer is our unique process to help you and your team organize your documents in an easy-to-navigate manner, so you can file and find any piece of information, in any of your physical or digital filing systems, in under 10-seconds.

The InviGuard Protector

The InviGuard Protector is our commitment to you to ensure any technical service issues that will inevitably arise will be addressed quickly either in-house or by a reliable partner.