When I was a kid, we had snow days

The eastern half of Canada has seen its share of cancellations over the past couple of days due to a gigantic winter storm. Thanks to the Internet, I have lost the priviledge of snow days. It’s difficult to claim you couldn’t get to work when you regularly work from home.

On the brightside, you can stay in your cozy clothes, cook a great lunch, and have a very productive, distraction-free day.

If we haven’t already set you up with a office-less office, you have to call them.

You’ll be able to say goodbye to the mountain of paper because you’ll scan everything, it’s automatically OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition), and you can recycle the rest. Faxes come to your inbox instead of piling up in the corner. Your laptop accesses your server as well as your office desktop does. It’s not taking your work home, it’s having the freedom to work anywhere.

Literally everything I need is contained on (or wirelessly connected to) my little Lenovo ThinkPad.

That does mean it’s easier to stay up late and work on your vacation, but we are counting on you to use some self-discipline and enjoy your life when the work day is done.

Lifehacker is also preparing for winter emergencies and has made a guide to staying connected when the power goes out and your electronics lose steam. While we hope nobody’s power is gone long enough to need multiple backup cellphones, it’s good to remember to charge your devices if you know inclement weather is on the way and maybe consider a few “outdated” options for those situations.

Are you using the no-office solution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!