Keep it simple by doing less

Infomatix believes in keeping things simple for better efficiency. We just blogged about the Pomodoro technique, a method to help you focus on one task at a time in order to complete those projects.

Multitasking is a result of piling too much on our plates. It’s human nature to want to help which leads to coaching your kid’s soccer team, taking the lead on a project at work, driving an extra day in the carpool, and sitting on an advisory board. You’ll be burned out, tired, and wondering when you’ll get to have some time for yourself.

Zen Habits says we need to be better at saying no. While we attain satisfaction from helping people, we are often cluttering up our schedules doing things that other people didn’t want to do.

Their blog post says we say yes because we’re afraid of missing out on opportunities or creating conflict. These are just short-term worries and will have little impact on your future. Another opportunity will come along and if someone gets their back up because you can’t possibly miss any more sleep/put off this project/neglect your family any longer, they don’t deserve your help.

If your team is getting burned out by picking up the slack, hold weekly meetings to discuss what’s on everyone’s agenda. We hold BlackJack meetings to discuss our time. They take 21 minutes and follow a clear agenda so we walk away with a sense of who has a lot to do, who needs help, and who is available to help. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Having a clear outline for the week and knowing who to turn to in a pinch helps eliminate multitasking and clears up your brain to accomplish more.

Remember, you control your time and you should use it wisely. Saying no is not an indicator for a lack of respect or insensitivity. Continuously expecting people to push their limits is rude.